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Laboratoire Brestois de Mécanique et des Systèmes

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A young lab ...

The laboratory of Brest and Mechanical Systems was formed in 2007 from the merger of laboratory MSN (ENSIETA), LIME (UBO), and RSM (ENIB). He was certified home team in January 2008.

This young lab has grown rapidly, with personnel, facilities and experimental digital and volume contracts. This momentum is continuing and it now plays a leading role in efforts for unity of mechanics Brest, via the Pôle Mécanique Brest and Research Master P2MC (modules "Materials and Structures" and "hydrodynamic").

... multi-skilled

The LBMS is a research lab comes in three teams ( MMA , DFMS , ESE ) creates knowledge and methods concerning problems related mainly to the fields of mechanics and maintenance systems in marine environment. The main application areas are:

  • naval structures,
  • systems or components related to the propulsion of ships,
  • technologies optimized assembly and / or innovative
  • marine renewable energy.

In addition, tools and methods developed are applied to numerous case studies from other fields of applications (eg, automotive, aerospace, medical, ...).